Ratimir Mikhaylov

Dwarf Weapons Specialist


Metatype: Dwarf
Real Name: Ratimir Mikhaylov
Ethnicity: Slavic
Clothing: Lined coat, armoured clothing, and combat boots.
Accessories: Yamaha Pulsar and combat knife
Hair: Brown cropped hair and tightly cut beard
Distinguishing Features: Heavyset with a distant stare
Goals: Acquisition of better firearms and gear

Statistics: Body 7, Agility 5, Reaction 5, Strength 3, Willpower 3, Logic 3, Intuition 5, Charisma 3, Essence 5.6, Edge 2
Condition Tracks: Physical 12, Stun 10
Limits: Physical 6, Mental 5, Social 5
Initiative: 10+1D6
Movement: Walk 10m, Run 20m, Sprint +1m 7D6 [6]
Active Skills: Automatics 6, Armourer 6, Automotive Mechanic 2, Close Combat Group 4, Demolitions 2, First Aid 4, Free-Fall 2, Gymnastics 2, Intimidation 4, Long Arms 6, Medicine 2, Navigation 4, Perception 4, Pilot Ground Craft 2, Pistols (Semi-Automatics) 6 (+2), Running 2, Survival 4, Tracking 4
Knowledge Skills: Fixers (Firearms Suppliers) 1 (+1), Military Procedures (Russian) 4 (+1), Mr Johnsons 1, Sports 1, Weapon Customization 1, Weapon Manufacturers 1
Languages: Russian (Military) Native (+1), English 2, Japanese 2
Qualities: Bad Reputation, Code of Honour, Prejudiced, Toughness, Quick Healer, Natural Athlete


Did National Service in Russia where his aptitude with nearly all firearms was recognised. Became a career soldier and transferred to the GRU Spetsnaz Murmansk battalion. Served diligently for several years providing the muscle for the Intelligence officers attempting to suppress popular discontent in North East Russia. Ultimately rose to the rank of serzhant.

That was till the Five Corners Massacre. An unauthorized gathering of people complaining about life expectancy in a nickel polluted landscape. A junior intelligence officer in command of a fully tooled up Spetsnaz squad. A single thrown stone. Ratimir should have refused the order… But he didn’t. The incident made international headlines and everybody involved was quietly discharged and forgotten about.

Wanting to make a fresh start he took a one way ticket to Seattle and washed his hands of Russia, the military and their damned command.

Ratimir Mikhaylov

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